10 Habits That Are Making You Look Older


Poor lifestyle choices such as an alcoholic binge once in a blue moon may not do any real harm to our complexion in the long run, but habitual bad skin choices can lead to irreversible signs of premature skin aging. Here are 10 things that wreck havoc on your skin (also known as your youth!) and easy solutions to keep wrinkles and bad skin away.

1. Sleeping with makeup on

Spending the night over at your boyfriend’s but not quite at the naked-face level yet? I get it. But if you want to wake up with brilliant, glowing skin in the morning, you need to clean it and give it time to breathe before you sleep. Wearing makeup to bed deprives it of its opportunity to renew itself and it is only a matter of time before the skin loses its youthful turgor and brilliance.

Try: While home facials are good, nothing beats a professional clean, in our opinion. Our testers love  The Sloane Clinic’s Deep Red Facial, for its comprehensive deep cleanse using ultrasound, followed by a rejuvenative LED Red Light therapy and iontophoresis with essential vitamins to boost cellular metabolism for dramatic skin healing.

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2. Not exfoliating enough

If your skin is blemish-free but you are having difficulty getting it to exihibit some kind of healthy glow, you may need to include exfoliation into your skincare regime. Exfoliation banishes dead skin cells which sit on the topmost layer of the skin, stimulating cell renewal. For those with oily skin, exfoliating also keeps the skin pores clean, reducing acne.

Try: Clarisonic Mia Fit is small enough to fit into your small palm and it packs a punch. This sonic cleanser has 2 settings and is extremely effective for removing oil and dirt (also known as makeup!) from the skin. Go slow when you start though, and pick one of the softer brush heads to avoid the sensation of a sandpaper rub. Those who like to do it the ‘au natural’ way can opt for Matcha Latte Skin Polish, this cream polish uses gentle jojoba scrub in a skin hydrating base that leaves your skin soft and replenished after. In fact, our testers feel that it’s gentle enough for daily use yet thorough enough to see results after just a few sessions of ‘scrub-a-dub-dub’!

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3. Exfoliating too much

Now what! I hear you say. After telling you not exfoliating is bad, being told that over-exfoliation is also a no-go messes with your brain. It is easy to over-exfoliate with a seemingly harmless scrub or sonic brush. While exfoliation helps skin layers renew faster, too much of it makes it sensitive (read red and prone to acne). If you are finding a mechanical scrub a tad uncomfortable, it may be a sign that you are overdoing it.

Try: Stay off exfoliating for a couple of weeks and then opt for a home-strength chemical peel to loosen dead skin cells such as lactic or glycolic acid instead. I like The Sloane Shop’s Sleeping Peel. This is an ultra gentle miracle in a bottle that comprises of aloe vera gel with glycolic acid that is gentle enough for daily use. Repeated use will aid in reducing facial oil and improving the appearance of fine lines.


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4. Not moisturizing

Have you ever wondered why every decent skincare range has a different moisturizer for every complexion problem? Moisture is the key to healthy and glowing skin, even if you have oily skin. People who have adequately moisturized skin age at a fraction of the rate of those who have dry skin.

Try: If you have oily skin, try the Laneige Water Bank Gel Cream, a moisturizer with a lightweight gel texture that is quickly absorbed and helps keep sebum and shine away.

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5. No SPF

No SPF puts one at risk of premature skin aging. A freckle or two may be cute, but dark spots and pigmentation patches like to show up in older age and make people regret neglecting the simple sunscreen.

Try: Get some coverage and sun protection at the same time by opting for a tinted sunscreen. The Reparative Skin Tint SPF 30 from La MerT is a lightweight formula that offers sheer coverage that dries down to a demi-matte finish, giving you that nice Korean dewy look. There are many tinted SPFs in the market but this acts as a mild concealer for redness and has 4 different shades to maximize the odds of you finding the right shade instead of settling for the standard transparent or nude. Those with oily, acne-prone skin may want to try a revolutionary medicated SPF in powder form, BB powder. It contains fullerenes which has anti-aging and anti-acne properties. Best of all, you can safely touch up your powder and SPF all day long without fear of causing clogged pores!

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6. Neglecting your neck

They say “treat your neck as you would your face”, so when applying moisturizer and sunscreen, apply them all the way to the base of the neck. But if you are like me, with grossly visible neck folds even in the late teens, you may need a little more help than just preventative stances with creams and sunscreen.

Try: The Sloane Clinic’s Revitalift Neck, uses micro droplets of skin boosters delivered directly into problematic areas of the skin via tiny tiny tiny injections to plump up fine lines, resulting in increased elasticity, suppleness and overall complexion health. Results are apparent in as little as 2 weeks.

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7. Sleeping on your side

Who would have thought that getting some shut-eye could make you look older? Wrinkles are actually skin creases that become deep and permanent from repeating the same facial expressions over and over again. Likewise, habitually sleeping on your side and in the process, squashing your face against the pillow every night leads to deeper skin creases particularly along the nasolabial folds.

Try: Try a partial side sleeping position instead by slipping a soft pillow under one side of your back.



8. Not sleeping enough

OK this is starting to sound like a broken record, but there is really such a thing as “beauty sleep”! Chronic lack of sleep causes skin and hair to turn dry and dull-looking by stunting cell turnover.

Try: They say that an hour of sleep before midnight is worth two hours of sleep after midnight. Try sleeping before 10pm each night, to allow your skin at least 7-8 hours to renew itself. What we love is adding an eye mask to rejuvenate your peepers.

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9. Not drinking enough water

Water is responsible for keeping the skin hydrated and plump, in other words, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Wait, that’s not all. Not drinking enough water puts you at risk of breakouts, makes dark eye circles appear more obvious, greys the complexion, and gives you unsightly chapped lips.

Try: Drink at least 2 litres of water a day. For every cup of caffeinated beverage, drink an additional cup of water.

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10. Picking at acne

I am a huge fan of face touching and acne picking. Who doesn’t get tempted when you have a huge, ripe pimple that takes a million years to pop on its own? But touching your face transfers dirt and debris from your fingers to your skin, and who knows where those fingers have been? Picking at acne puts you at risk of permanent scarring which are usually difficult to remove.

Try: Being aware of your face touching or acne picking fetish often helps put a stop to it, eventually. Face pokers and acne prodders who do so without realizing it may find this a harder habit to break, so consider seeing a doctor for some prescription-strength topical or oral medication to keep acne at bay so as to avoid unintended scarring.

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– Candice H.