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Why are women in their 30’s like me with a decent mop of hair doing at hair loss workshop, you might ask? After all, “baldness” would usually conjure a picture of middle-aged man with a generous muffin top spilling over his midsection.

To be honest, I was going mainly for the “Skin” bit when I was invited to the recent Hair & Skin Forum organised by The Sloane Clinic. But I was secretly glad I turned up on time for the enlightening talk on hair loss in women.

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“The concept that hair loss is primarily a guy problem is wrong. About 40 percent of those suffering from temporary or long term hair loss are women,” explained Dr Kenneth Lee. “Another fact that most ladies fail to realise is female pattern hair loss can commence even in our 20’s especially for those who are genetically predisposed. As hair follicles get gradually poisoned by dihydrotestosterone or DHT [a male hormone derivative] over the years, our hair shrinks or ‘miniaturises’ before dying off.”

Recognising the subtle early cues of an ailing mane – a widening part, or simply just finer, limp strands due to weakening of follicles -and acting proactively to arrest this process early with scientifically-backed scalp treatments, one can now effectively defy a thinning fate foretold by Mum’s lacklustre flat hair and Dad’s shiny pate.

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When it comes to hair loss, genetics and age play major roles. While you might not be able to trade limp-thin-prematurely-ageing genes for shampoo-ad DNA, there are many other factors that are in your hands. Stress, stealth dietary deficiencies and hormonal imbalance are just a few of the most common strand saboteurs triggering increased shedding or accelerating the age-related thinning; as is subjecting your crowning glory to frequent abuse from hair dyes, perms, tight hairstyles, hair dryers and other heated styling tools. So thick, luscious hair might be just a few lifestyle tweaks away!

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Besides ensuring your diet contains plenty of hair-raising nutrients such as lean and soy proteins, iron and biotin (yes, you tend to lose more than weight with overly restrictive diets), the latest medical hair innovations are very helpful to counter the effects of an ageing scalp and our fast-paced urban lifestyle.

The Revage 670 laser is one such scalp rejuvenator to fight hair thinning in both women and men. Checking my emails under this 20-minute painless light therapy to sprout fuller, healthier locks is definitely something that even scaredy cats like me are willing to try.

ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant

For men, exciting technology like the ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant offers a permanent solution for receding hairlines.

To round up the evening’s talks, the doctors shared the most sought after “sure win beauty bets” such as non-surgical Facial Slimming treatment and the complexion revitalising Fraxel Light laser to help busy modern men and women spruce up their looks quickly for the New Year.

Looking good is no longer just a privilege of the rich and famous with the current aesthetic advancements, but a touchable reality for everyday people like me!

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– Emily Wong