Get to the Root of Your Bad Hair Days


Even if you’re not an A-list celebrity parading her way through awards season or a model criss-crossing the globe for Fashion Week, your hair has likely been put through the wringer. The truth is: Your first colour or perm is kinda like an immediate death sentence to your hair.



Every time you put your tresses through a deep chemical treatment like dyeing or perming, your hair’s natural outer protective F-layer is depleted. Chemicals rudely force hair cuticles open to allow penetration of colour pigments or for perming agents to gain entry into the hair core so that disulphate bonds can be broken and rearranged to form the desired wave.

The F-layer normally acts as a formidable bouncer – locking in the moisture and pigments necessary for a healthy, lustrous mane, while keeping the frizz-inducing humidity out. Stripping away this fundamental defense barrier inevitably (in attempt to beautify your locks) is the real reason for mysterious fading colour, brassy dullness, liveless curls and increasingly fried, brittle hair.

Instead of acting reactively and heading back to the salon prematurely for yet another colour and perm session, rescue your tresses from this vicious cycle of repeated addictive assault by going down to the fibre of the issue – to repair the underlying damage.



Honestly, we don’t need a PhD to know that all the chemicals or heat-styling are somehow killing our hair, whether we admit it or realise the actual extent. But sometimes the temptation’s just too great and other at times, some mane-altering chemical help is almost a “necessity” for thin, flat skullcaps like mine. And it’s most regrettable to learn that once one succumbs, you get trapped in this “do-die, don’t-do-also-die” dilemma.

No need to hit the panic button, or go on a year-long hair sabbatical just yet. To redeem us from this hairy situation, scientists are going back to the basics and refocusing on developing hair care to repair that all-important protective barrier in beaten up locks.

Ta-da…Enter the new Pantene Colour & Perm Lasting Care collection. Spawn from years of research after their landmark damage discoveries, scientists at Pantene believe their advanced Liquid Crystal Shampoo System in this collection has unlocked the secret to lasting colour and curls by restoring healthy, “virgin-like” hair.

In essence, a positively charged polymer attracts oppositely charged anionic surfactants to rebuild a uniform thin film (like a Glad wrap) around each individual hair fibre. This acts as a new F-layer to protect your freshly-done hair colour and curls from literally washing down the drain through damaged porous strands every time you shampoo, along with your money.



“Pantene’s Pro-V technology goes straight to the root of the damage problem by addressing loss of protein, moisture imbalance and brittle hair due to wear and tear,” says Dr Sotaro Kurata, Executive Director of the Japanese Society of Clinical Hair Restoration.

This collection that features the new Liquid Crystal system includes 4 products:

The Colour & Perm Lasting Care Shampoo (S$4.70 for 170ml/ S$8.95 for 460ml), and Colour & Perm Lasting Care Conditioner (S$4.70 for 165ml/ S$8.95 for 460ml) or Daily Intensive Conditioner (S$8.95 for 180ml; for more severely damaged hair) form the basic post-chemical treatment repair regime.

The Colour & Perm Lasting Care 6-Week Colour Protect Treatment Program (S$8.95 for 60ml) is an intensive six-week conditioning treatment product to resuscitate over-processed strains and nurse frazzled manes back to health.

The result? Strong, beautiful hair with a natural sheen and swish that’s more frizz-resistant and holds vibrant colour and bouncy curls for much longer.


The new Pantene collection is now available at all leading supermarkets and pharmacies near you.


– By Emily Wong


*This article has been selected Editor’s Choice for Mar 2013*