Hair Oils 101 – Best Oils For Your Hair


While they have been used by natural beauty aficionados for ages, hair oils have become an overnight sensation in the beauty world in the recent years. From argan, camellia, maize to olive, it appears that every flora from A to Z that you can squeeze some lipids out from turns into liquid gold for our strands.

Amazing as they seem, there are some simple Do’s and Don’ts for using hair oils you should take note of to ensure you’re dipped in glamour and glow from a gorgeous mane – and not dripping grease like a victim of an oil spill.

DO: Use it as a leave-in treatment after you’ve washed your hair. Apply 3-4 drops of hair oil to damp hair (when the fibres are the most porous, i.e. you get maximal penetration of the product and minimal grease or weight left on the hair shaft). Start and concentrate on the hair ends.

DON’T: If you have an oily scalp, don’t go past the mid-strand of your hair.


DO: When your hair has dried, smooth on 1-2 extra drops at the ends as a perfecting touch to tame frizz and flyaways, and add a beautiful sheen that isn’t oily to your locks.


DO: Use it as an intermittent hair and scalp treatment before your wash to repair dry, damaged hair, or soothe seasonal irritated dry scalps. Apply a generous amount, concentrating, again, on the ends where it is most needed and work up to the scalp. Brush and let it sit for 20 minutes before shampoo.

DO: Choose the right beauty oil for your hair, especially if you’re intending to play Betty Crocker by mixing up your own hair concoction from natural essential oils. Most commercial hair oils we see in the market are professionally blended for multiple benefits. Argan oil restores vibrancy, silkiness and strength in chemically-processed hair, making styling a breeze. Hair that needs extra love in the moisture department should seek out olive oil, which is also lightweight and helps prevent dandruff in problem scalps. Vitamin-E rich almond oil, and the fatty-acid-packed camellia oil nourish and smooth out frizz-prone fibres.


Try these two freshly squeezed hair oil products to infuse goodness into your tresses:


RICH Pure Luxury Rejuvenating Argan Oil Elixir

Heralding from Paris, RICH’s natural haircare products aim to enable everyday women worldwide maintain a stylish magnificent mane that can withstand the busiest of lifestyles.

A luxurious blend of argan, sweet almond and olive oil in their star elixir strengthens, conditions and protects hair from heat-styling and UV damage, while doubling up as a finishing product to de-frizz and imbue a healthy lustre for lively, rich-girl tresses.

Price: $24.90. Available at selected [email protected], John Little and Watsons stores.




Kérastase Bain Elixir Ultime

From the makers of the well-loved Elixir Ultime hair oil, comes the new cleansing oil shampoo to get us ready to release our ponytails this summer with a sublime swish.

The Bain Elixir Ultime for all hair types has an oil base that works into a lavish lather when it comes in contact with water. Working on the chemistry that oils removes oils (very much like your oil makeup remover), it draws out dirt and grease on the scalp and thoroughly cleanses stubborn styling product residues on hair fibers that tend to dull and weigh locks down. But instead of drying out tresses into straw-like strands like some clarifying shampoos can, the signature air-light Oleo Complexe restores your mane mojo by leaving it soft, balanced and delightfully volumised. Fine-haired sisters of the world, rejoice!

PS: Did we mention that it’s also silicone-, paraben- and phthalate-free? This means you will only get the best care you deserve.

Price: $39. Available at Kérastase consultant salons.