How to be a Ageless Beauty like Jennifer Lopez


Jennifer Lopez has been crowned the most beautiful woman in the world 2011 by People magazine. The 41 year old singer-dancer-actress and mother to twins is widely recognized as one of the best maintained celebrities as well, along with Demi Moore and Madonna.


In fact, this is how Jennifer Lopez looks like over almost 2 decades. In fact, she seems to look better over the years. Who is even talking about aging gracefully? We are talking about an ageless beauty here.

Her healthy diet and rigorous exercise regimes definitely play important roles in keeping her fit, healthy and glowing like she’s in love. But we do not see a whole lot of middle-aged athletes or gym bunnies looking as mysteriously fresh-faced and well-maintained as J Lo, do we?

Good genes aside, are there any beauty secrets we can learn from eternally youthful celebs? SKIN speaks to Dr Michelle Lim, from The Sloane Clinic, for top anti-aging favourites.


FACE: Take a Firm Stand Against Gravity

How many hours have you stood in front of the mirror lifting up sagging face and jowls with your hands? Others tried tying up their hair super tight too! Enough said.

Solution: Firm favorite for a non-invasive lunchtime facelift, Ulthera uses focused ultrasound to tighten the deep tissue layer important for holding your face up against gravity. Jaw lines are redefined, double chins tucked (without the nip) and saggy cheeks & brows gets an uplifting experience in one session.

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SKIN: Maintain a Healthy, Radiant Complexion

Even toned, smooth, clear, glowing skin shouts “look at me” and “youthful”.

Solution: Regular exfoliation with fruit-based enzymes give best results: it goes deeper and does away with abrasive friction which may trigger breakouts. Facials which include a good dose of crystal microdermabrasion will aid shedding of dull, rough surface dead skin and encourage a healthy 28-day skin cellular turnover.

Various lasers, IPL and light devices are now regular maintenance for most A-listers to improve a variety of imperfections like pigmentation, fine lines, large pores and coarse texture, dullness or broken capillaries effectively. Our picks for the top complexion freshening lasers minus the downtime is Fraxel Light. Do it as a solo therapy or as part of the Brilliant Skin program for perennially glowing visage.

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CONTOURS: Be Proactive about Volume Loss

Soft and full facial curves are the hallmarks of a youthful face. Time and rapid weight loss cause volume (fat) loss, causing facial deflation and adding to the sag. But notice this did not happen to J-lo. Well, what’s her red carpet secret?

Solution: Natural fillers and fat transfer are the most popular ways to counter volume loss. Correction of prominent tear troughs, flattening cheeks, laugh lines and down-turning of lip corners takes years off your face instantaneously. For those who prefers things au natural, consider Dream Sculpture, this is a collagen stimulator designed to coax your own skin into producing its own collagen over the next 12 months. Talk about turning back the clock without lifting a finger!

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WRINKLES: Don’t be Scarred by Time

Wrinkles form as hyperactive expression muscles fold overlying skin into a crease repeatedly (and usually unconsciously). Lines add years and detract you from the youthful vitality you feel inside.

Solution: Botox microinjections relax specific muscles to smooth forehead lines and crow’s feet. Botox brow lifts “open up” tired eyes subtly, while Botox can reshape angular jaws to a fresher and softer contour. The art is not to over-do it to prevent frozen mask-like facies.

MicroBotox (aka MicroRefine) has added benefits of controlling sebum secretion and reducing open pores on cheek skin. “When MicroRefine is done in little injections at the edges of the face, it can exert a lifting and shaping effect on the skin” explains Dr Michelle Lim’s whose clientele ranges from women in their 20s to 60s, looking for a no-downtime pick-me-up.


About her hot Latina bod as she stomped the stage on American Idol? Well, that’s another long story. Adios!

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– By Gene Yeo