Lunchtime ‘Rhinoplasty’ — now a possibility with Nose Thread Lifts and Fillers



Many Asian women must have at one point or other in their lives dreamed of a sharper nose. It’s not secret that when it comes to our noses, Asian women have fallen short on the genetic lottery. Naturally broad-based with flatter nose bridge than our Western counterparts, it’s no wonder that surgical rhinoplasty had often ranked as one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in the East.



But that left a few segments of the population high and dry. Firstly, those too ’chicken’ to go under the knife had to watch their braver friends with envy. Secondly, there are some women who does not have such a flat nose that would require surgery, but would not mind improving upon what they have to give it further definition.


Thankfully, in recent years, advances in non-surgical aesthetic techniques meant that there are more safe and effective, tried and tested options available for those desiring a sharper, more lifted nose sans scalpel. Enter Nose Fillers and Nose Thread Lifts, currently two of the hottest contenders for “most popular aesthetic treatment of the year”.

Many women are somewhat torn about which procedure would give them the best results. Frequently, doctors who do one procedure and not the other would subtly hint at the other procedure’s drawback and vice versa. However, as these procedures became more commonplace especially in countries such as South Korea, there emerged a new trend of combining both procedures for a natural and well-rounded result.


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“Nose fillers are excellent options to smoothen out bumps on the nose, and to highlight the inner brow bone above the nose bridge. However, in some patients, if you are relying on fillers alone to give you height, you will find that it may not reach the elevation that you desire,” comments Dr Chua Han Boon, who has been performing both nose fillers as well as nose thread lifts for the past eight years.




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“Nose Thread Lifts are the treatment of choice for women who wants to elevate their nose bridge, but keep their noses narrow and defined. There is no fear of spread or migration as unlike fillers, the threads are very fine and tent the skin upward in a precise manner” says Dr Low Chai Ling, whose patients have been embracing the marriage of Nose Thread Lifts and fillers.





Women seeking to find the ideal beautification technique but are at a loss as to which is better, take heed. Most of us may have nasal shortcomings that fall somewhere between the two ideal candidates described for fillers or thread lifts. For instance, one could have a slightly crooked, bumpy nose, yet wants to keep her nose narrow, elevate her nose bridge and tip maximally without surgery.

In fact, many women find that a combination of both procedures help them address their nasal flaws in the most holistic manner possible.

Ser, 20 has undergone 3D Nose Lift, starting with nose fillers and finishing with Nose thread Lift to lift both her nasal bridge as well as her nose tip. She falls firmly in the category of women who certainly do not need nor want) surgical rhinoplasty, however found that her appearance was greatly enhanced by an augmentation of her nose.

Procedure: 3D Nose Lift (Nose Fillers + Nose Thread Lifts)

Duration: Nose Fillers 30 min, Nose Thread Lifts (40 min) 1 week after

Downtime: Fillers: No downtime for fillers, Thread Lift: 1 day mild swelling + pin prick mark at tip

Satisfaction: 8.5/10

Ser says: the next day, there was mild swelling. I used some concealer to cover the pin prick mark at the tip of my nose. I really liked the end results about 3 -4 days after the procedure and everything settled down. My friends say I look different but they don’t know what I had done, this was exactly what I told Dr Chua I wanted. My nose was not too flat before, so I wanted to define it just a little bit. I definitely do not want to look like someone else.

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Mel (pictured above), 27, is a bride-to-be. while she had previously contemplated surgery, her fiancé was not at all keen. However she was adamant she wanted to do something for her nose before her wedding 5 months away. Her nose bridge is slightly flatter than she would like and she finds her nose very broad, she is very worried that the procedure will make her nose bigger or broader or that she will look weird or too different. After all, she doesn’t intend to tell her fiancé about the procedure she is undergoing.




Procedure: 3D Nose Lift (Nose Fillers + Nose Thread Lifts)

Duration: Nose Fillers 30 min , Nose Thread Lifts (45 min) 2 weeks after

Downtime: Fillers: No downtime for fillers, Thread Lift: pin prick mark at tip

Satisfaction: 9/10

Mel says: I had less downtime than I expected. On Dr Low’s advice, I kept the nose tape on overnight. I even re-taped it myself the next morning and only removed it in the afternoon. Perhaps that’s why I didn’t notice too much swelling. My fiancé definitely noticed that I looked different, I tell him I am shading my face, I am not sure if he buys it though (laughs). I definitely loved the end result, and now I am thinking of going back for more threads to make my nose higher. Initially, after discussion with Dr Low, I wanted it to look more natural which is what she gave me, but now, I think I am ready for more.


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