Man Deported for Looking TOO Delicious


OMAR-God! So handsome, he’s illegal.


Step aside, Robert Pattinson. The world has found its new pretty boy equivalent of the modern day Helen of Troy.

Omar Barkan Al Gala of Dubai shot to international fame after he was deported from Saudi Arabia for being devastatingly good-looking. Deemed as a national threat who might “corrupt young women” with his boyish charm and smoldering eyes, this fashion photographer, actor and poet was one of three men forcibly removed from the annual Jenadriyah Heritage and Cultural Festival and thrown out of country by the authorities.

Arabic newspaper Elaph reported: “A festival official said the three Emiratis were taken out on the grounds they are too handsome and that the commission [for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vices] members feared female visitors could fall for them.”


For the rest of us who have at best brushed shoulders with the law for making a dash across the red light, technological salvation is at hand. SKIN asked aesthetic doctor, Dr Chua Han Boon, for a few pointers on key homme improvements that’ll upgrade us from plainly drab towards sinfully dashing.



Omar’s perfectly primped lush beard and full brows adds masculine gravitas and a sexy, worldly appeal to his clean-cut boyish good looks. His set of uber full smokey lashes further draws attention to his scorching gaze. Unfortunately, not every man is blessed with an even, bushy facial growth like this. Most of us would rather get jailed than be caught with tattooed brows or guy-liner under normal circumstances. But in case you haven’t heard, Latisse – a clinically proven lash growth serum you apply at night – is the go-to product to sprout your own full lashes. Psst…SKIN witnessed guys stealing their girlfriend’s lash stash for their brows and beard with great success too!

Although some data suggests similar efficacy of Latisse for rescuing a receding hair line, it is a more expensive option than Regaine or minoxidil (which tends to be too irritating on the face). For chaps who have reached the barren desert town of alopecia, hair transplant offers fresh hopes of restoring a glorious youthful mane.

The Sloane Clinic Hair Transplant Centre that’ll be coming up soon will be equipped with a comprehensive range of clinical hair treatments and products to suit different conditions and needs of both ladies and men,” says Dr Chua. “For men requiring hair transplant, the exciting new robotic hair harvesting allows fast, evenly spaced and precise follicular extraction to ensure optimal results with minimal recovery time.”


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A new German study found that, like women, men with a healthy, even toned complexion are judged to be more attractive and youthful. In need of some surface attention for those old scars from acne attacks, and hyperpigmentation of golf-ravaged skin, plus lines and general dullness due to stress-stuffed schedules and ageing? Don’t worry your soap-and-shaving-foam-only head!

“We are seeing more and more men in the recent years. The Fraxel laser is a big hit with the guys as it is a fast, simple and effective skin renewal treatment for all-round improvement. The complexion’s brighter, irregular pigmentation is lightened, pores are finer, old scars and lines quietly eased away – leaving you looking naturally refreshed and polished.”



While a few strategic lines around the eyes hint of an amiable charmer (think: George Clooney or Tony Leung), but jowls, downturned mouth corners and droopy lids due to sagging skin say “past-prime”, “grouchy” or “unapproachable”.

The stresses of urban living tend to suck the life out of our skin visibly very quickly, causing us to look prematurely aged. “Non-invasive treatments such as the Ulthera offers to bail men and women out of  their tight spot, allowing them to defy the effects of gravity without undergoing the scalpel.”

Jawline filler is growing in popularity amongst men as well, to sculpt a stronger and sharply-defined masculine chin and jaw.”

“But the Baby Drop Filler is the latest red carpet trend. It is ideal as a skin booster for men as tiny droplets of ultra-fine natural filler is used to discretely smooth creases, lift under eye hollows, and strengthen and revitalise fatigued skin without packing on unflattering volume to the face. So you’ll still look like you, just radiating glowing vitality [like Omar does].” Glowing skin never goes out of style and will always stay desirable across all cultures.


– By Gene Yeo



Dr Chua Han Boon is a Medical Consutant at The Sloane Clinic. He believes that with the current technology and advanced techniques, looking good can be simple and fuss-free. He sub-specialises in hair restoration.